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Toby Jones and Sarena Perry spent 7 months in Australia and managed to circumnavigate the entire country from Perth anticlockwise via Tasmania and back to Perth. Most of the journey was spent with friends from England, Beau and Clare in their trusty Nissan Urvan camper, 'Betty'. Below are just some of our highlights...


Australia Stats:
Size: 7,682,000 sq km
Population: 21 million
Capital: Canberra

Days spent in OZ: 211
Images in Diary:

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...Swimming with Dolphins.
This was a great moment for us and Beau and Clare. It was quite unexpected as we hadn't expected that it was possible to swim with dolphins near Melbourne but we found this great little town called Queenscliff that operated the dolphin swim tour which also became our first attempt at snorkelling as well as experiencing the foul smell of a seal colony at close quarters! read diary. check out the web site See All Dolphin Swims.


...Motorbiking through the Daintree rainforest.
A bit of a decadent activity but as it was Sarena's 30th birthday we decided to hire out some sports bikes and take them for a 2 day spin from Cairns and up to Cape tribulation. It was our first proper bike ride since passing our tests back in England. Needless to say we are now hooked. read diary


...Grampians Wildlife.
The wildlife all through Australia is fantastic, always plenty of weird and noisy creatures around to remind you what an amazing planet this is. We spent 2 weeks tramping all over the Grampian mountain range in Victoria and managed to get especially close to the wildlife including the varied species of Parrots and the food pinching but very comical Kookaburra's. read diary


...The sacred rock.
Can you go all the way to OZ without visiting Ayers Rock? We thought you could and had no plans to visit it. But in the end we did and where very glad to of made the journey. There is definitely something very special about the place. If you can tolerate all the tourists then this is a must. Kings canyon nearby is also really cool. read diary


...Coober Pedy
The film set of Mad Max and where everyone lives underground in dugouts on their stake of land. Coober Pedy is an ancient sea bed of sandstone filled with Opal and all the red neck miners that still insist that they plot will make them a fortune. We where fortunate to stay with one. Eddy, originally from the UK he has been in Coober Pedy for the last 20 years and is still looking for his fortune. Toby gave him a hand for a few days but just managed to scrap a few stones of Opal. read diary

...Treking the Bibbulmum Trail.
We didn't get far into our road trip in Betty until we came across a small town called Walpole. Deciding that we where getting fat again after our trek to Everest we decided to take in some of the real OZ and Go Bush, So Toby, Sarena Beau and Clare fetched some provisions and set out on a 4 day trek along beaches and through giant forests gathering a few blisters on the way. read diary

... Sailing the Whitsundays.
The weather wasn't too good but the experience unforgettable, Beautiful Islands, Beautiful clear blue water, A fantastic boat and crew. And 2 nights of creaking rafters and puking passenger. Only slightly marred by Sarena's attempt at drowning who was thankfully saved by Beau 'Pammy' Lutring - lifesaver extraordinair. read diary


...snorkelling the reef (Ningaloo reef that is)
The weather was too bad to get to the great barrier reef (typically) but things were more than made up for by the time we got back into Western Australia and visited the gorgeous Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef. Managed to meet up with some friends there too and England beat Argentina in the World Cup. Could we ask for more. read diary


Sydney 15-Dec-2001 to 19-Dec-2001
Melbourne 19-Dec-2001 to 23-Dec-2001
Fremantle, Perth 23-Dec-2001 to 28-Dec-2001
Busselton 28-Dec-2001 to 31-Dec-2001
Cottesloe, Perth 31-Dec-2001 to 4-Jan-2002
Walpole 4-Jan-2002 to 11-Jan-2002
Albany 11-Jan-2002 to 17-Jan-2002
Esperance 17-Jan-2002 to 21-Jan-2002
Nullabor Road Trip 21-Jan-2002 to 24-Jan-2002
Smoky Bay 24-Jan-2002 to 26-Jan-2002
Port Augusta 26-Jan-2002 to 27-Jan-2002
Adelaide 27-Jan-2002 to 29-Jan-2002
West Beach, Adeleaide 29-Jan-2002 to 30-Jan-2002
Kangaroo Island 30-Jan-2002 to 3-Feb-2002
Victor Harbour 3-Feb-2002 to 4-Feb-2002
Policeman's Point 4-Feb-2002 to 5-Feb-2002
Mt Gambier 5-Feb-2002 to 7-Feb-2002
Warrambool 7-Feb-2002 to 9-Feb-2002
Apollo Bay 9-Feb-2002 to 10-Feb-2002
Torquay 10-Feb-2002 to 12-Feb-2002
Queenscliff 12-Feb-2002 to 14-Feb-2002
Melbourne 14-Feb-2002 to 20-Feb-2002
Halls Gap 20-Feb-2002 to 21-Feb-2002
Namituk 21-Feb-2002 to 24-Feb-2002
Grampians 24-Feb-2002 to 2-Mar-2002
Melbourne 2-Mar-2002 to 4-Mar-2002
Tasmania Ferry 4-Mar-2002 to 5-Mar-2002
Pontville, TAS 5-Mar-2002 to 11-Mar-2002
Cradle Mountain, TAS 11-Mar-2002 to 17-Mar-2002
Launceston, TAS 17-Mar-2002 to 23-Mar-2002
Tasmania Ferry 23-Mar-2002 to 24-Mar-2002
Canberra 24-Mar-2002 to 26-Mar-2002
Blue Mountains 26-Mar-2002 to 27-Mar-2002
Sydney 27-Mar-2002 to 2-Apr-2002
Barrington Tops 2-Apr-2002 to 3-Apr-2002
Nambuca Heads 3-Apr-2002 to 4-Apr-2002
Byron Bay 4-Apr-2002 to 5-Apr-2002
Brisbane 5-Apr-2002 to 23-Apr-2002
Colundra 23-Apr-2002 to 24-Apr-2002
Rockhampton 24-Apr-2002 to 25-Apr-2002
Airlie Beach 25-Apr-2002 to 29-Apr-2002
Whitsundays 29-Apr-2002 to 1-May-2002
Airlie Beach 1-May-2002 to 2-May-2002
Cairns 2-May-2002 to 7-May-2002
Cape Tribulation 7-May-2002 to 8-May-2002
Cairns 8-May-2002 to 10-May-2002
Undara 10-May-2002 to 11-May-2002
Charters Towers 11-May-2002 to 12-May-2002
Julia Creek 12-May-2002 to 13-May-2002
Barkly Homestead 13-May-2002 to 14-May-2002
Alice Springs 14-May-2002 to 19-May-2002
Ayers Rock 19-May-2002 to 21-May-2002
Kings Canyon 21-May-2002 to 22-May-2002
Coober Pedy 22-May-2002 to 26-May-2002
Alice Springs 26-May-2002 to 27-May-2002
Barrow Creek 27-May-2002 to 28-May-2002
Mataranka 28-May-2002 to 29-May-2002
Darwin 29-May-2002 to 31-May-2002
Katherine 31-May-2002 to 1-June-2002
Kununara 1-June-2002 to 2-June-2002
Fitzroy Crossing 2-June-2002 to 3-June-2002
Broome 3-June-2002 to 5-June-2002
some dried up creek 5-June-2002 to 6-June-2002
Coral Bay 6-June-2002 to 8-June-2002
Overlander Roadhouse 8-June-2002 to 9-June-2002
Freemantle 9-June-2002 to 19-June-2002
Brisbane 19-June-2002 to 23-June-2002
Nimbim 23-June-2002 to 24-June-2002
Barrington 24-June-2002 to 25-June-2002
Sydney 25-June-2002 to 1-July-2002

...and then we went to NEW ZEALAND>

Keperra, Brisbane 24-Jun-2003 to 29-Jun-2003
Deception Bay, Brisbane 29-Jun-2003 to 2-Jul-2003
Oxley, Brisbane 2-Jul-2003 to 3-Jul-2003
Keperra, Brisbane 3-Jul-2003 to 6-Jul-2003

...and then we went to FIJI>

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