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New Zealand. Land of the long white clouds, well rather grey and wet clouds, but what do you expect after arriving in the middle of their winter. It did come as a bit of a shock after spending 14 months of summer. So we immediately took advantage of the season and headed to Queenstown to hit the ski slopes. There is no dought that New Zealand is a beautiful place and with 12 months in the country we managed to get to see most of it.


New Zealand Stats:
Size:270,000 sq km
Population: 4 million
Capital: Wellington

Days spent in NZ: 359
Images in Diary:

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...Skiing the Remarkbles.
What an introduction to NZ. Fantastic scenery and fantastic weather. The journey down to Queenstown was pretty hectic but once we got there it just a week of skiing and relaxation. This was Sarena's first attempt at skiing and Toby's first time on snow in 15 years. It didn't take long for the skills to come back but the fitness was decidedly lacking. read diary


...Wheeler dealing at the Auctions
Thanks to 2 new friends, Andy and Charlie, who put us up for a while in their home in Wellington. It gave us the time to go car, job and house hunting. We didn't have much luck on the job or house front in Wellington but after some hectic days of car hunting managed to pick up a bit of a mysterious brute at a, 'No Reserve' car auction. Lets hope its OK as neither of us had a look at it before we bought it. read diary


...Moving in.
After 11 months on the road Toby and Sarena finally settle down, For a short while at least, and move into a great 3 bedroom flat in a small country town called Katikati which is in the Bay of Plenty on the North Island. The flat was unfurnished but didn't take too long to get filled up with stuff. Lets hope it can all be sold when its time to move on. read diary


...Zorbing in Rotorua.
Sarena and Toby managed to break the chains of routine and hijack their new friend, 'Hilly', and went to explore some of the Highlights of Rotorua. Geysers, Hot Spa's, Mud Pools, Foam Parties, Massive Breakfasts and Hydro-Zorbing!!! where the order of the day.. read diary



...Skydiving in Taupo.
Fancy throwing yourself out of a plane at 12,500 feet over a clear blue lake with snow capped volcanoes breaking through the clouds? We did and it was fantastic One of our best experiences so far whilst travelling... read diary


...Exploring Volcanoes
Managed to get a glorious day to catch a boat out into the Bay Of Plenty to explore New Zealand's only active marine volcano, 'White Island'. Unluckily the sea did get a bit choppy by the time we got there so we had to wait before we could land on the volcano. The wait was well worth it... read diary


...Watching Whales
One of the first stops on our farewell tour of NZ was Kaikora on the South Island. Famous for its whales and dolphins this tiny coastal town didn't disappoint. 4 sightings of Sperm Whales, loads of dolphins and even a few albatross decided to come and say hello...read diary


...Flying By Wire
What better way to celebrate Sarena's birthday than strapping her to a plank and launching her off the side of a valley. Fly-By-Wire is a typical quirky kiwi past time. Not exactly an adrenaline rush but great fun...read diary


...Hiking Glaciers
Take a short scenic helicopter flight, strap on the talons, grab an ice pick, and we are ready to explore the pure blue ice of the Franz Josef glacier. This 5 hour hike took us through tiny crevasses, across gapping holes, and through mirror like ice caves...read diary


...Kayaking with Seals
Saving the best to last. A magical two days where spent kayaking up the coast of the Abel Tasman National Park. The weather wasn't too good, but it was completely made up for by the playful seal pups who where all intent on climbing aboard our Kayak...read diary

Auckland 1-July-2002 to 3-July-2002
Wellington 3-July-2002 to 4 -July-2002
Christchurch 4-July-2002 to 5-July-2002
Queenstown 5-July-2002 to 13-July-2002
Christchurch 13-July-2002 to 15-July-2002
Picton 15-July-2002 to 16-July-2002
Wellington 16-July-2002 to 20-July-2002
Tauranga 20-July-2002 to 24-July-2002
Wellington 24-July-2002 to 30-July-2002
Wairoa 30-July-2002 to 31-July-2002
Tauranga 31-July-2002 to 2-August-2002
Katikati 2-August-2002 to 3-August-2002
Thames 3-August-2002 to 5-August-2002
Katikati 5-August-2002 to 27-October-2002
Rotorua 27-October-2002 to 28-October-2002
Katikati 28-October-2002 to 28-December-2002
Ruakaka 28-December-2002 to 29-December-2002
Paihia 29-December-2002 to 1-January-2003
Katikati 1-January-2003 to 14-January-2003
Taupo 14-January-2003 to 15-January-2003
Katikati 15-January-2003 to 1-February-2003
Auckland 1-February-2003 to 2-February-2003
Katikati 2-February-2003 to 26-February-2003
Taupo 26-February-2003 to 27-February-2003
Katikati 27-February-2003 to 21-March-2003
Auckland 21-March-2003 to 22-March-2003
Katikati 22-March-2003 to 25-March-2003
Auckland 25-March-2003 to 26-March-2003
Katikati 26-March-2003 to 21-April-2003
Taupo 21-April-2003 to 24-April-2003
Waikaromoana 24-April-2003 to 25-April-2003
Wairpo Bay 25-April-2003 to 26-April-2003
Hicks Bay 26-April-2003 to 27-April-2003
Whakatane 27-April-2003 to 28-April-2003
Katikati 28-April-2003 to 29-April-2003
Auckland 29-April-2003 to 4-May-2003
Waitomo 4-May-2003 to 5-May-2003
Opunake 5-May-2003 to 6-May-2003
Kaikora 6-May-2003 to 8-May-2003
Hanmer Springs 8-May-2003 to 9-May-2003
Christchurch 9-May-2003 to 10-May-2003
Akaroa 10-May-2003 to 11-May-2003
Geraldine 11-May-2003 to 12-May-2003
Mt Cook 12-May-2003 to 13-May-2003
Dunedin 13-May-2003 to 14-May-2003
Invercargill 14-May-2003 to 15-May-2003
Te Anau 15-May-2003 to 17-May-2003
Queenstown 17-May-2003 to 19-May-2003
Wanaka 19-May-2003 to 20-May-2003
Franz Josef 20-May-2003 to 21-May-2003
Greymouth 21-May-2003 to 22-May-2003
Christchurch 22-May-2003 to 23-May-2003
Franz Josef 23-May-2003 to 25-May-2003
Westport 25-May-2003 to 26-May-2003
Karamea 26-May-2003 to 27-May-2003
Westport 27-May-2003 to 28-May-2003
Matureka 28-May-2003 to 29-May-2003
Abel Tasman 29-May-2003 to 30-May-2003
Pohara 30-May-2003 to 31-May-2003
Richmond 31-May-2003 to 1-June-2003
Picton 1-June-2003 to 2-June-2003
Taupo 2-June-2003 to 3-June-2003
Katikati 3-June-2003 to 4-June-2003
Orewa 4-June-2003 to 13-June-2003
Whitby 13-June-2003 to 14-June-2003
Wellington 14-June-2003 to 15-June-2003
Whitby 15-June-2003 to 16-June-2003
Orewa 16-June-2003 to 21-June-2003
Auckland 21-June-2003 to 22-June-2003
Orewa 22-June-2003 to 24-June-2003

...and then we went back to Australia>

...for 2 weeks before going to Fiji>

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